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Terms adding address (URL) of documents

Dear users!

On our site you can find [annotated] bibliographic descriptions of publications in Ukrainian studies and links to the full texts available online.

You can help the development of our website independently adding a link to the full texts.

It recommended to follow these rules:

1. Address (URL), which you specify must include the prefix of protocol (typically http://).

2. This address must point to the full text of the work, to the description of which it is attached. Respect the work of moderator and not clog up the site links to third party!

3. Optional field "Resource description" is intended for brief comments, such as:

Том 1|Том 1|Vol. 1

Том 2|Том 2|Vol. 2

If work had several issues – this box is appropriate to specify the complete text of which edition is filed.

While compiling the description, do not forget about the readers of Ukrainian and Russian versions: Ukrainian | Russian | English version should be written in one line, but are separated by a vertical bar (|).

4. Note the right choice of "Resource type". If possible values from a list you do not say – perhaps you even sooner add URL!

4.1. HTML – full text laid out in the form of one or more web pages in HTML (eg, sites , , ).

4.2. PDF (symb.) – a PDF, made from a text document (default – publishing layout of book or article).

4.3. PDF (scan.) – a PDF, made from from scanned pages (possibly with text lining). The typical format for older editions.

4.4. Djvu – a relatively new format, specially optimized for scanned pages. Less common than PDF, but is rapidly gaining popularity.

4.5. Other – any other format (doc, rtf, txt, fb2, epub… and all archive files – rar, zip, bz, gz…)

4.6. Your URL can specify directly a file PDF / Djvu (or some other), or an intermediate HTML page where one can download the target file. Latter a typical situation for file-sharing and file- hosting sites. In this case, the type of resource should indicate a final file, not HTML.

Links, added by you, will be checked by site moderator, who decides on their release.

What not to do:

1. SEO-masters: all links to external resources on our website are displayed in a form protected from the search engines. They are not indexed by search engines that do not transfer weight (link weight). Please do not waste your (and our!) time and not clog the site by third-party links.

2. If we find that URL points to something other than the full text of the work (or intermediate page to download it) – this site can be listed in the blacklist, all existing references to it will be removed and no further reference to it will be accepted.

Thank you for your understanding and support!